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The Handicraft Co., Ltd. Tu Duy welcome you!
Since 1996, spent over 15 years of construction achieved much success and development today, we must thank the confidence and love of our customers for us.
Tu Duy Handicraft specializes in manufacturing-trading in handicrafts such as jewelry,decorative items, tools and food ... made from horn, bone and wood.
From the hands skilled of artisans selected from village traditional handicrafts in Thuong Tin - Hanoi, along with the diligence of experienced workers but from wood chips andhorn cattle were turned into primitive sites or items, products for decoration, food, massage or daily use materials convenience and luxury. Tu Duy’s products are popular in markets such as Taiwan, France, Greece, Japan, USA ...

Tu Duy surely come to you will be satisfied with diversified designs with style service that is attentive and professional.